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UK regulators’ expectations on governance and D&I within financial services firms

The recent proposals from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) on diversity and inclusion (D&I) include proposals in respect of governance and oversight within in-scope firms

The regulators’ latest proposals build on existing requirements already in place for financial services firms, but represent an expansion of the expectations and responsibilities of firms’ Boards, requiring them to exercise oversight over D&I within their firms. While there is some divergence in the regulators’ proposals, they are aligned on the importance of the Board in both overseeing and embedding D&I, as well as the being diverse itself.  Our latest post in this series, considering the regulators’ proposals, focuses on the areas in which boards might need to recalibrate to ensure compliance with the FCA and PRA’s expectations of firms.

The next post in this series considers the implications for risk management and other control functions

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