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Image of Toronto city sky line with blue sky
Image of Toronto city sky line with blue sky

GEM - Global Experts and Markets

Our clients, above all else, look for consistent standards of service wherever they operate, which makes it simpler and safer to run their cross-border businesses.

In ensuring that we can bring true global coverage and consistently high standards to our clients, we have established close partnerships with independent relationship law firms in over 100 jurisdictions where we do not currently have an office. We estimate that the number of jurisdictions not covered by our international network represents less than 1% of the world’s economy.

We are one of the most connected law firms in our peer group with a global reach and local depth that is simply unrivalled. Global coverage means seamlessly combining our international resources, sector expertise and relationship law firm network to deliver cross-border work in the markets and regions important to our clients.

We have a track record of coordinating complex cross-border matters, building on established relationships with selected local law firms to reduce the bureaucracy our clients face in dealing with multiple suppliers. We are flexible in our approach and are happy to act as lead international counsel or to support local counsel in relevant jurisdictions as required by our clients.

Our GEM – Global Experts and Markets bring together lawyers from across Allen & Overy with significant experience of working on deals in key regions and markets – they support our clients with their business needs across any region by mobilising international teams as well as selecting and maintaining our ties with our chosen relationship law firms. As our network of relationship law firms has grown, we have committed to build an enduring bond that will bring value to them, us and ultimately to our clients.

Our offices

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  • Europe
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In addition to countries where we have offices, we also have a number of International Desks advising clients on large scale international transactions in Europe.

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To navigate a world which is much more complex, more crowded and more competitive, networks are critical. A&O has placed itself at the centre of a network of strong and mutually beneficial relationships – with each other, with clients and with relationship law firms in over 100 jurisdictions where we work for clients but have no office. With our range of value-added services and our commitment to share our expertise and insights with relationship law firms, we are steadily cementing and building on this network.

Wim Dejonghe – Senior Partner, Allen & Overy LLP

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An international network working with our relationship law firms

The A&O Global Experts and Markets network delivers high quality legal advice in 99% of the world's economy.