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Door with FUSE by Allen & Overy logo
Door with FUSE by Allen & Overy logo

Tech innovation

At Fuse we fuel a culture of digital innovation in the legal sector.

We identify best-in-class technologies, provide experiential learning opportunities and promote technology adoption, by bringing together A&O lawyers and clients with our resident cutting-edge tech providers.

Our hub provides a collaborative space where teams can experiment with, develop and test legal, regulatory and deal-related solutions.

Meet the next big thing

Two young men hosting a Fuse presentation

Explore the fifteen technology companies joining Cohort 7 of Fuse, Allen & Overy’s tech innovation hub.

This year, we had the largest number of applications, both for the LegalTech stream and via client nomination. The potential for the digital assets companies to be transformational is enormous and we are excited to work with them and our nominating clients. The LegalTech companies have been chosen with the assistance of partners across our global network and address pain points that we have identified. We have a great cohort of companies and we all - Fuse, the cohort, A&O lawyers and our clients - have an exciting year ahead.

Shruti Ajitsaria, Head of Fuse

How Fuse makes a difference

Experience emerging technologies first-hand

Fuse is a learning lab where we organise demonstrations, trials, events and seminars, allowing clients to see technologies for themselves and discuss possible applications for their business.

Setting our ambition

By seeking out and supporting best-in-class technologies, even those at a very early stage, we demonstrate our commitment to investing in the future.

Enabling A&O lawyers to select and use LegalTech with confidence

Fuse supports our lawyers in always looking for opportunities to deliver our projects and advice efficiently by selecting and deploying appropriate LegalTech to greatest effect.

Gain early insight through our technology radar

Through Fuse and our LegalTech team, we are continually watching and monitoring the market to understand what’s out there. We use this insight and our strong supplier relationships to inform our clients, saving time and providing recommendations depending on their specific needs and sensitivities.

Putting lawyers at the heart of product development

Through Fuse we enable our clients, and A&O lawyers, to co-develop ideas with some of the brightest and most promising entrepreneurs in this area, ensuring the development of practical solutions.