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Tech Talk

Welcome to Tech Talk, where we share our insights on the legal issues shaping the future of technology.

Here we will demystify complex legal issues that cross hi-tech industries, such as artificial intelligence, immersive reality, electric and autonomous vehicles, energy tech, and many others.

Tech Talk will gather thoughts and opinions from our global network of offices, where our experts in intellectual property, licensing, disputes, transactions, data, and a range of other disciplines are working to support innovative companies.

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Blog Post: 20 November 2023

PREVAIL Act: Will Congress Succeed in Curtailing IPRs?

David Tennant and Colby Davis of our US IP litigation practice discuss whether the US Congress may limit the ways companies can effectively challenge the validity of US Patents through inter partes…

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Blog Post: 17 November 2023

Going "old school" to protect new assets

Jens Matthes of Düsseldorf, Marie Barani of Brussels, Catharina Glugla of Düsseldorf, and Margherita Banfi of Milan advise on how trade secrets are key for competition in Big Data and AI.

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