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A&O people colleagues
A&O people colleagues

Legal function transformation

A step change is underway in how in-house functions view their role and purpose. To become ‘future-fit’, in-house teams are embracing an innovation agenda for more effective operations.

We help clients respond to these challenges: assessing priority areas for transformation, designing new operating models and agreeing clear implementation plans with workable objectives from day one.

We support in-house teams in the following areas:

Vision, strategy and purpose

Rethinking how the function can support business colleagues and achieve priority enterprise-wide goals.

Technology and data

Simplifying and rationalising processes to drive greater efficiency and solve problems in new ways.

Piloting new approaches

Embedding long term, sustainable change by taking bold decisions and experimenting to assess what works.

Teams, structures and capabilities

Recruiting team members with a wider variety of skills and experiences to complement core capabilities.

Matching business transformation

Proactively transforming the respective function alongside the business.

Areas of support

Insight, best practice, benchmarking

Sharing relevant industry information re best practices and examples of what others are doing with transformation projects.

Assessing existing models; recommending enhancements

Mapping the current state of the relevant function(s) and identifying opportunities for transformation.

New model design

Designing a new target operating model framework based on priority objectives. Our designs help to ensure:

  • Business-enablement and improved user experience: Using technology and workflows that deliver a better user experience.
  • A data-driven approach: Structuring data to enable insightful transformation, reporting and decision-making.
  • Holistic solutions that work: Addressing important issues such as culture, communications and training.
Implementation plans and project management
  • Establishing a project plan to deliver the new target operating model framework.
  • Project managing leadership to drive execution of the plan.
  • Training content and sessions for relevant personnel.
  • Post-completion assessment and recommending adjustments.