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The developing cryptoasset landscape in the UAE podcast: Spotlight on the regulation of cryptoassets

The UAE’s ambitious plan to establish itself as a regional hub for fintech and payments firms has led to the recent introduction of a host of legislation both in the mainland UAE and in the financial freezones, designed to bring certain cryptoassets and activities connected with cryptoassets within scope of regulation.

In this episode, Middle East based senior associates Victoria Ferres (Financial Services Regulatory) and David Berman (Litigation, Investigations and Contentious Regulatory), provide:

  • an introduction to cryptoassets
  • an overview of the key legal considerations relevant to cryptoassets in the UAE
  • insights into the key regulatory regimes governing crypto in the UAE, implemented both in mainland UAE as well as in the UAE’s financial free zones.

This podcast will be of interest to anyone involved in the crypto space or who is seeking to become involved in the crypto sector in the UAE, or in the broader GCC region.


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