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The developing cryptoasset landscape in the UAE podcast: Spotlight on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing

The UAE is developing its financial crime compliance credentials in order to position itself as a global leader and innovator in the cryptoassets space. This means that a proper understanding of the intersection between AML/CTF considerations and cryptoassets regulation is essential for those involved or interested in the cryptoasset landscape in the UAE.

In this episode, Middle East-based senior associates Victoria Ferres (Financial Services Regulatory) and David Berman (Litigation, Investigations and Contentious Regulatory) discuss the unique AML and CTF issues relevant to cryptoassets in the UAE and explore recent regulatory developments in this space in the UAE. 

This podcast will be of interest to legal practitioners, individuals working in any financial services sector and other designated non-financial businesses or professions, and those interested in cryptoassets generally. It forms part of a series where we will be focusing on key considerations relevant to the developing cryptoasset landscape in the UAE.


You can listen to the podcasts on the following: 


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