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Lights of traffic moving past buildings
Lights of traffic moving past buildings

Global antitrust enforcement report

We analyse key developments in global cartel conduct and other forms of antitrust enforcement, including vertical restraint cases involving issues such as resale price maintenance and territorial restrictions, and abuse of dominance cases.

The significant increase in overall fine totals in 2021, with many authorities reemphasising their commitment to robust antitrust scrutiny and with wide-sweeping policy and rule changes on the way, indicate that a new era of heightened antitrust enforcement may lie ahead.

An overview of fine levels and trends in antitrust enforcement in key global jurisdictions in 2021.

Report highlights:

  • Intense scrutiny of ‘Big Tech’ looks set to continue
  • Sustainability initiatives are welcomed but no excuse for antitrust breaches
  • Life sciences sector can expect increasing antitrust enforcement
  • U.S. and EU highlight labour markets as an area of interest
  • Novel forms of collusion, novel forms of enforcement: authorities adapt their toolboxes
  • Two European Court judgments widen the scope of corporate group liability
  • The role of leniency applications as a tool to boost cartel detection: regulators debate options/revise rules
  • Global authorities undertake to increase international coordination

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