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Image of building windows reflecting on other windows
Image of building windows reflecting on other windows

Global antitrust enforcement

Antitrust authorities worldwide continued their vigorous enforcement against anti-competitive conduct in 2022.

With a raft of new legislation and policies coming into play, authorities employing creative and innovative approaches in the exercise of their investigative powers and ongoing developments in the private damages litigation arena, global antitrust enforcement looks more uncertain in 2023. As a result, regular appraisal of antitrust risk exposure is a clear business imperative.

Our report explores the shifts in the global enforcement landscape. We analyse data from 30 global jurisdictions and identify the key developments and themes shaping authorities’ activities. We examine cartels and non-cartel conduct, including vertical and restrictive price maintenance arrangements and abuse of dominance. 

In particular, we identify the sectors and types of conduct facing continuing regulatory scrutiny and highlight issues posing particular risks.

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A mixed picture for antitrust enforcement

No let-up in authorities’ enforcement activities despite lower global fine totals.

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Cartel enforcement remains a priority

Antitrust authorities set their sights on bid-rigging, financial services and labour markets.

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A changing landscape for vertical and other non-cartel enforcement

New rules and policies make the enforcement environment more unpredictable.

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Abuse of dominance enforcement paves path for digital reform

Tech and life sciences sectors in spotlight, with impact of new digital regulation as yet unclear and novel forms of conduct targeted.

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General downturn in immunity and leniency cases continues

Authorities make whistleblower policies more attractive to bolster cartel detection.

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Focus on dawn raids, international cooperation, private damages and sustainability

Onsite inspections return, inter-agency coordination deepens, damages actions evolve and sustainability initiative guidance emerges.

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Regional snapshots for anitrust enforcement in 2022

Key statistics from Europe, APAC and the Americas.

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