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Colleagues sitting at a table, smiling and talking
Colleagues sitting at a table, smiling and talking

Section 166 Reviews

We are members of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Bank of England’s Skilled Person Panel, enabling us to undertake Section 166 (‘s166’) reviews.

Skilled Person reviews 

We are on the Skilled Persons Panels for:

  • Governance, accountability, strategy and culture
  • Controls and risk management frameworks
  • Conduct of business

A&O Consulting

A&O Consulting is Allen & Overy’s regulatory and strategic consulting practice, delivering high quality consulting services to clients. A&O Consulting is fully integrated with the legal practice, enabling us to combine consulting and legal expertise for clients.

The A&O Consulting team is comprised of former senior UK regulators and senior financial services industry professionals, and has extensive experience in independent regulatory reviews across governance, individual accountability, culture, risk management and controls, and conduct of business.

We have worked on s166 reviews both ‘in-house’ within regulated firms and as regulators. We understand both perspectives and how best to navigate and undertake the process so that it is efficient and practical for firms, while also meeting regulatory requirements and expectations.

How we can help

Appointed Skilled Person

If you have been asked by the FCA or the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) to appoint a firm to undertake a s166 review, please contact one of our team. We will be able to advise on the process and potential options, as well as act as a Skilled Person in undertaking a review.

Support through a s166 review

In addition, we can support firms throughout the lifecycle of a s166 review. This may include strategic advice on engagement with the regulator and/or Skilled Person, as well as project management and advice on scope to optimise effectiveness and efficiency.

Across both options, we leverage our experience and expertise as former senior regulators and ‘in-house’ professionals within regulated firms to deliver solutions and advice that are practical and sustainable for firms.

Contact us

Please contact us to discuss any of the above.