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Covid, crises and legally what we may be able to learn

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Back in March, Karen Birch and I seemed to spend much of our waking hours fielding urgent and complex Covid-related legal queries. In the wake of that immediate surge, Karen reflected that, at least from a legal perspective, there seemed to be a number of themes to what happens in crisis, and that we ought to be able to learn from them. Separately, I had read an excellent article by Tim Harford in the FT on why we fail to prepare for disasters (link, paywall).

With trenchant and practical input from many including Alice EnglehartCatherine GibaudTom Lodder Mahmood Lone here are the fruits of our labours which explore the question, What can in-house legal, risk and compliance leaders learn from the Covid-19 pandemic and other notable crises of the past 20 years to strengthen the legal resilience of their organisations?

Legal agility and risk resilience: How to enhance your organisation’s readiness to withstand the next crisis