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Legal agility and risk resilience: How to enhance your organisation’s readiness to withstand the next crisis

What can in-house legal, risk and compliance leaders learn from the Covid-19 pandemic and other notable crises of the past 20 years to strengthen the legal resilience of their organisations?

More than any other crisis in recent memory, Covid-19 has revealed the strengths and weaknesses in every organisation’s approach to crisis management. Now might not be the obvious time to make significant changes (unless interim arrangements fall short of minimum regulatory expectations). But, given the number of crises we have seen over the last two decades, those with strategic responsibility in in-house legal, risk and compliance departments must continue to look ahead and consider the long-term lessons, even during the current upheaval.

What, then, can these leaders glean, both from the response so far to the Covid-19 pandemic and – equally importantly – from other notable crises of the recent past, to enhance the legal risk resilience of their organisations?

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