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A buyout or buy-in transfers some or all of the inflation, longevity and investment risk of a pension scheme to an insurance company.

We regularly advise trustees, employers and providers on a range of full and partial buy-ins and buyouts, so we understand the issues from all parties’ perspectives and can deliver a seamless service covering all aspects of the deal, from structuring to completion. To read more about buyouts and buy-ins and how they work, download our briefing note. 

We have advised the trustee of the ICI Pension Fund on the purchase of 15 buy-in insurance policies over a four year period. The policies are insured with three different insurers, covering liabilities of £9 billion under a unique ‘umbrella’ framework. The structure allows the Fund to transact quickly and efficiently when the price is right. Click here to find out more.

Thinking about buyout? Read our list of the ten key issues to consider: Ten steps to buyout for UK pension schemes. 

Get the inside story on the trustee experience of undertaking a buy-in or buyout: watch our 5-minute video, ‘The journey to buy-in/buyout: a trustee perspective’:

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The journey to buy-in/buy-out: a trustee perspective

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