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Susana Gonzalez Melon

Professional Support Lawyer

What started as a one-year experience in 1993, when I was selected for an Erasmus scholarship in Belgium, turned out to be the best move in my professional (and personal) life. And now that I work for Allen & Overy I am sure I will be here for a long time.

I have always been attracted to working in an international environment, something which has been a pattern throughout my career, so being part of a dynamic, global company is a must for me.

After trying several positions, from senior consultant to being an in-house lawyer, I realised I had been looking for some kind of balance in my life. I finally found this at Allen & Overy.

My job at Allen & Overy, as a professional support lawyer in Banking and Finance, is the perfect match for me. The role is interesting, exciting and challenging and the team I have the privilege to work with is respectful, motivating and supportive and I still have the time to take care of my family.

Allen & Overy also provides amazing learning and development opportunities and a comfortable working environment, from parking spaces (try to park your car in rush hour in the middle of Brussels) and good IT support, to the 'snack hour' at 4pm.

I have only been working for Allen & Overy since the end of last year but if it was down to me, I would stay here until I retire.