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Webinar: Managing supply chain risk in the life sciences sector

In increasingly complex and uncertain economic times, companies in the life sciences sector are facing unique supply chain challenges.
These challenges may include developing modular manufacturing PODs, manufacturing highly complex personalized medicines, dealing with shortages of active substances and weathering uncertain socio-economic and geopolitical developments. All this at a time when many are looking to digitalise and create sustainable supply chains of the future.

Join our Belgian life sciences team on Tuesday, 19 September 2023 from 1pm – 2pm BST / 2pm – 3pm CEST / 5am – 6am PT / 8am – 9am ET for our webinar “Managing supply chain risk in the life sciences sector”, during which our life sciences experts will discuss the legal risks surrounding supply chains, including: 

 Digitalisation of the supply chain and related cybersecurity issues – developing integrated ecosystems of value chain partners to create a faster, more connected, agile and more transparent supply network;
 Regulatory constraints and legal obligations concerning drug shortages in Europe as a result of failing supply chains;
 Strategic M&A and how this can help to transform supply chains;
 The legal requirements and issues in embedding ESG in your supply chain and developing the sustainable supply chain of the future; and
 The legal impact of trade restrictions and sanctions on the access to critical supplies.

If you would like to attend the webinar, RSVP below.