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Six-month calendar 2018 - Employment developments

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Last year when we issued our 2017 calendar, we predicted that women would feature prominently as organisations pushed through measures to reduce their gender pay gap and to increase the percentage of women in the pipeline to senior positions. Nobody could have predicted just how game-changing campaigns like #Metoo and #Timesup would be to the debate around women in the workplace. These are different times now so we expect this to be reflected in corporate priorities in 2018 and beyond.

Not everything is about women though. GDPR has received almost as much attention, and this will only intensify as the deadline to implementation in May gets closer.

Thankfully, there is little else on the legislative agenda other than Gender pay gap reporting and GDPR as these two work streams will more than occupy employers. Grandparental leave was due to be introduced at some point in the year but it has not been included in the Government’s timetable so we can assume that it has been shelved for the time being, and, of course, Brexit arrangements will

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