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Podcast: Face to Face with Andri Wardhani: Women in Tech (Part 1)

This is the first episode in our Jakarta Women’s Network series. The aim of this series is to open up a dialogue around a range of topics relating to women in business in Indonesia. 

In this episode, we are joined by Andri Wardhani, associate at Golden Gate Ventures, which is a venture capital firm investing across Southeast Asia. The firm invests in internet and mobile startups across many sectors, including e-commerce, payments, marketplaces, mobile applications and SaaS platforms. In this episode we talk to Andri about:

  • her experiences of working in the tech sector and in particular, a venture capital firm;
  • the challenges women face in reaching senior leadership roles in tech companies;
  • how venture capital firms can play a role in addressing the lack of representation of women in tech; and
  • her advice for women looking to embark on a career in tech.

This episode is delivered in English and is divided into two parts. Listen to Part 1 below. 

Download episode 12 part 1

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