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In Credit Podcast: The Woolard Review

In this episode of In Credit, A&O’s consumer finance team Joanne Owens, Victoria Ferres and Sophie Skeet examine the findings from the Woolard Review. 

This review examined change and regulation in the unsecured credit market (covering credit cards, overdrafts, personal loans, high-cost short-term credit and currently unregulated products, such as buy-now pay-later arrangements). The findings were published on 2 February 2021.

The published report is structured by its key themes including (i) innovations in the unsecured credit market, (ii) access to credit, which is actually pervasive across all themes, (iii) the impact of Covid-19 on the unsecured lending market, and (iv) the role of regulation. In this podcast, we draw out and discuss the most urgent recommendations of:

  • bringing buy-now pay-later products within scope of the regulatory perimeter;
  • ensuring there is secure provision of debt advice, especially through the recovery from coronavirus; and
  • maintaining a sustained regulatory response to the pandemic.

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The full text of the podcast can be downloaded here.

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