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Covid-19 coronavirus update: the Italian Government's Liquidity Decree - new measures for the business sector

The Covid-19 coronavirus continues to have a major impact on businesses across all sectors in Italy. On 9 April 2020 decree n. 23 of 8 April 2020 (the so-called Liquidity Decree) came into force.  

We have produced a bulletin which provides an overview of some of the significant changes introduced by the Liquidity decree and also clarifies some key questions being raised by our clients:

  • Has Italy enacted specific measures concerning insolvency proceedings and distressed companies in order to cope with the Covid-19 coronavirus emergency?
  • Changes to rules concerning "Golden Powers"
  • Are there any changes to disclosure obligations relating to acquisitions of participations in Italian listed companies?
  • Have new deflationary measures been introduced in relation to tender proceedings? 
  • What are the effects of the Liquidity Decree on administrative proceedings?
  • Have deadlines applicable to administrative proceedings, including those concerning the payment of sanctions issued by the National Antitrust Authority, been subject to further suspensions?
  • Tax measures

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