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Biden’s infrastructure plan: big ideas, little detail (so far)

With his newly announced American Jobs Plan, the President has taken the first step toward fulfilling a key campaign promise: to spend more than $2 trillion over eight years to modernize America’s infrastructure and drive the transition to clean energy.

For the private sector, the implications of the American Jobs Plan – if and to the extent that it is voted into law – are far from clear. Yet, the immense scale and ambition of the Plan makes it almost inevitable that there will be some “winners” from the private sector.

We expect that corporates, funds and banks with a strong commitment to ESG will be particularly well placed to participate in the new opportunities that are created by the Plan.

In this article, we attempt to “read between the lines” and identify the aspects of the Plan which are the most promising for infrastructure and energy investors, while also identifying some key missed opportunities.

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