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Inspiring the next generation with David Olusoga OBE

In celebration of Black History Month UK and the theme Time for Change: Action not words, we invited 68 school pupils from two London schools for a workshop with historian David Olusoga OBE. 

The purpose was for the pupils to learn about and discuss historical figures from Black history. David led the workshop, teaching the school pupils about the figures from Black history and explaining the importance of learning about Black history. The pupils were tasked with discussing and presenting to the group what they had learned.

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Celebrating Black History Month

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This generation don’t want to be told comforting myths about the past, they want to be challenged and are open to the idea that history is sometimes challenging and sometimes is difficult to hear. At events like this you can see a generation at ease with the idea that history doesn’t exist just to make us feel good.

David Olusoga OBE

Partner Jessica Kerslake who orchestrated the event commented: “It is so important for the next generation to be encouraged to celebrate the achievements of Black people in the UK. Through our Black history workshop with David Olusoga we were able to inspire and empower young people from our local community in London.”

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