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A&O Italy’s wellbeing programme continues with a seminar on prevention

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During Mental Health Awareness Week our Milan office hosted Fondazione AIRC for a seminar on the correct habits to adopt to stay in good health.

Every day more than 1000 people are diagnosed with cancer in Italy, but nevertheless, thanks to cancer research, five-year survival chances are 63% for women and 54% for men*. Fondazione AIRC, which during the seminar at A&O Milan office was represented by Nicoletta Nefri Attolico Trivulzio, vice president of AIRC Lombardy Committee, plays a critical role as Europe’s largest independent funder of cancer research and scientific divulgation.

This seminar, which is part of A&O Italy’s series of initiatives focused on our people’s wellbeing, was held by nutritionist biologist and AIRC collaborator Dr. Alessandra Borgo, who spoke on the topic of cancer and its recurrence prevention through the adoption of correct eating habits and a healthy lifestyle recommended by the World Cancer Research Fund.

Anna Di Giovanni, A&O Italy Chief Operating Officer, commented: “The mental and physical health of our people is a priority at A&O. We are pleased to have had AIRC and Dr. Borgo with us to give correct information on what each of us can do in our everyday life for our health.”

Learn more about Fondazione AIRC and cancer prevention here: