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A&O launches SaaS partnership with Microsoft and Harvey

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A&O has announced the launch of its own contract drafting tool, created in partnership with Microsoft and Harvey. 

The tool – ContractMatrix – runs on Microsoft Azure, which will allow A&O to scale the product as SaaS (software as a service) for client and wider market use. ContractMatrix can be deployed as either a web-based application or as a Word Add-In, and will ultimately be available on Microsoft AppSource and the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. A&O will be the only law firm in the world to have such a product available in this way.

ContractMatrix is a contract negotiation tool that uses AI and other techniques to free lawyers from processing and allows them to focus on strategic questions. In some cases it saves around seven hours when negotiating a contract. Expert human decision-making, and judgement, is at its heart.

The tool runs on Microsoft Azure, which provides a robust, flexible and secure platform. It uses both Harvey and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service products. A&O will tune client-specific models using a variety of methods depending on client needs. It is designed to reduce hallucinations by grounding AI output in high quality ‘benches’ of legal knowledge – for example, banks of gold standard precedents or similar.

Over 1,000 A&O lawyers are already using the tool internally. Many of these lawyers have been heavily involved in testing, refining, and developing the tool ahead of its launch. Five large clients have agreed terms for a January launch. 

David Wakeling, A&O partner, and head of the Markets Innovation Group, which developed ContractMatrix, said: ‘ContractMatrix frees lawyers from processing and allows them to do what they do best: smart, fast, and strategic decision making. Microsoft and Harvey are the perfect partners to launch such a product. The A&O lawyers who have used – and helped to develop -ContractMatrix have been blown away by how much more efficient it makes them. We’re excited for clients to now experience that, too.’