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The Taiwan economy has a dynamic and diversified market-oriented system, with a competitive edge as a major exporter of electronics, machinery, chemicals, textiles and other goods. They are also a leading innovator in areas such as semiconductors, biotechnology and green energy.

At Allen & Overy, we have extensive experience as international counsel on a wide range of matters involving Taiwan, including intellectual property (both transactions and litigation), data protection, antitrust, mergers and acquisitions, project finance, regulatory issues, capital markets, loans, mergers and acquisitions and other commercial matters. We have worked with many of Taiwan's largest organisations in various industries and sectors.

Our Taiwan group comprises of specialists from our global network of offices, including Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Washington DC, the Bay Area, New York, and Amsterdam. They offer a full range of services to meet the international needs of Taiwanese businesses.

We are not permitted to practice Taiwanese law, but we have a proven track record of working seamlessly and effectively with local counsel in Taiwan to deliver successful outcomes for our clients. We help our clients achieve their growth ambitions both within Taiwan and around the world.

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Global Experts and Markets

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Our Global Experts and Markets bring together lawyers from across Allen & Overy with significant experience of working on deals in key regions and markets – they support our clients with their business needs across any region by mobilising international teams as well as selecting and maintaining our ties with our chosen relationship law firms. As our network of relationship law firms has grown, we have committed to build an enduring bond that will bring value to them, us and ultimately to our clients. 

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