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Technology-enabled contract review legal service

How can in-house counsel quickly work out the impacts of Covid-19 on a large volume of contracts?

The scale and pace of the crisis, the vast numbers of contracts many of our clients have and the fact legal teams around the world are now working remotely make traditional legal review and analysis a complex solution to a difficult problem.

Conscious of these challenges, we have developed a new platform to help businesses to understand their legal exposure quickly and easily.

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Contract review in under 7 minutes

How can in-house counsel quickly ascertain the impacts of Covid-19 on a large volume of contracts?

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Rapid contractual analysis

Covid-19 is affecting many types of contracts and in-house legal teams and commercial teams need a quick and systematic review of a large number of contracts. Our lawyers apply the latest data extraction techniques to run analysis on your contracts.
This exercise provides rapid insight into the impact of Covid-19 related disruption in your existing contracts. The digital review will prioritise the order in which your legal and commercial teams deal with your contracts by identifying;
  • Contracts that may have a force majeure clause that might be triggered by Covid-19 and related disruption
  • Relevant governing law flagged for targeted local law advice
  • Notice periods to claim force majeure under your contracts
  • Analysis of counterparty location and delivery methods
  • Duty to mitigate
  • Force majeure termination rights
  • Liquidated damages

Real-time reporting and monitoring dashboard

Enabling remote working and instant access to analyse relevant clauses at the touch of a button.

Different groups of people may need to work on contracts. Our clients, A&O lawyers, local counsel and other third party service providers can access the reports and contract status from a single shared online platform. The digital dashboard will;
  • Provide a high impact, data-driven assessment to help you understand your immediate exposure and prioritise further review
  • Track the status of any force majeure notices that need to be issued or are received
  • Present you with a series of maps, charts and graphs to give a rapid top-down view of what your contracts say
  • Help you brief your commercial teams and management on legal risk

In-depth legal analysis of your contracts

Strategic and focused legal advice if you need it.

The contracts may need analysis to understand the exact nature of and reasons for contractual non-performance, the current position with your dispute resolution clause, the risk allocation under your contract and the governing law. Our lawyers can work with your in-house legal or commercial team to help you understand your position under each contract in greater depth.

Explore the 6 key stages of your technology-enabled contract review

Key options and features

Real-time view and contract access

Obtain a real-time view of progress and review your contracts securely from any device.


Access one centralised platform by multiple users at any time.


Collect and track contract information from different jurisdictions.

Volume and automation

Automation of force majeure notices where you need to give a notice under large numbers of contracts.