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Sun shining through window, close up of hands and a laptop
Sun shining through window, close up of hands and a laptop

Multi-jurisdictional survey technology

Use technology to analyse applicable laws and regulations globally and reach actionable insights faster with our tech-enabled approach to surveys.

Complex, global surveys can present many challenges, whether coordinating inputs from a large number of external counsel or making sense of responses received to determine business outcomes.

Recognising that an online solution would deliver greater efficiency and consistency, as well as creating a trusted digital archive of data, our platform enables teams to easily interpret the relevant laws and regulations across multiple jurisdictions.

A&O’s international network delivers trusted global reach

Through our network of over 40 A&O offices, and strong ties with over 400 relationship law firms, we first select the best local counsel for each survey.

The number of jurisdictions covered by A&O's international network represents more than 99% of the world's economy, making us one of the largest and most connected law firms in the world.

Our purpose built platform connects the chosen firms and workflows enable a seamless multi-team experience.    

Digital questionnaires designed to deliver actionable insight

Our subject matter experts understand precisely the right questions to ask to return structured data that can be used to generate risk ratings for easy review.

Using a structured, digital template sets the bar for high-quality, consistent responses across all jurisdictions.


Management dashboards translate responses into easy-to-interpret risk ratings

A real-time dashboard summarises the status and risk ratings for each jurisdiction, providing a management level set of data across the project.

Data analysis is presented in a series of mobile responsive graphs and charts with quick links back to the underlying survey responses.


Other features

Building a single reference source, real-time

Building a single reference source, real-time

All parties upload responses directly, providing instant visibility into survey data whilst building an accessible resource for the future.
Frictionless quality assurance

Frictionless quality assurance

Our managed legal services team in Belfast, Northern Ireland quality check responses directly on the platform. Live inline commenting, versioning and seamless approval workflow ensures clients receive only the clearest possible answers efficiently.

Keep control

Keep control

No more bottlenecks. Project managers can easily track activity and generate progress reports, field queries from multiple parties and action responses.

Track legal spend

Track legal spend

External counsel submit invoices directly to the platform. Financial metrics are accessible in a series of data visualisations and real time reports.

Smart integrations enable automated alerts

Smart integrations enable automated alerts

Vable built in searches can flag relevant developments for consideration in keeping the database up to date.

Bringing together people, process and technology


Closely integrated with our legal and technology experts, our Advanced Delivery teams combine to ensure the survey is completed as efficiently as possible.

Operational management

A dedicated Project Manager plans and coordinates each survey, engaging with local counsel, ensuring responses are submitted on time and facilitates communication between teams.

Cost-efficient review

Our Belfast managed legal services team performs an initial review of each response before passing them to A&O's offices for quality control and continuity checks.

Case study

Conducting a detailed international survey across 170+ jurisdictions on the provision of a financial institution’s wealth management services to corporations and their employees.

Challenge: The project’s scale and international reach, the number of jurisdictions it covers and their respective regulations, coupled with the very large number of external counsel firms involved.

Solution: AD&S provides end-to-end project management, helping the financial institution produce risk ratings in a clear, data-centric format. A dedicated project manager and lower-cost Belfast team work together to efficiently manage and coordinate the large-scale submission and review process, underpinned by HighQ Collaborate (an advanced data room platform) enabling real-time status updates, data analysis and access to final survey responses.

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