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Jarvis Go
I applied for a Vacation Scheme to the Singapore office in summer, and was interested in seeing what the firm culture was like in A&O, and whether I was a good fit. I was also interested in experiencing the work that A&O SG does, being a regional player in Asia. I did two seats, one in International Capital Markets (“ICM”), and one in Arbitration. I particularly enjoyed my stint in the arbitration team in the Singapore office. It was there where I felt that A&O was a truly international firm. On my first day, one of my tasks was to link up with a litigation trainee from the Hong Kong office, in order for him to bring me up to speed on an issue that the SG and HK office were collaborating on. The arbitration team in Singapore was itself exceptionally diverse, with trainees and associates from Australia, South Korea and the Philippines. The work was cross-border and dealt with interesting issues arising from the region. I love getting into really thorny legal issues (not having a clear answer is a bonus!), and it was safe to say that the work provided many such issues.