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Why AI drug discovery deals are different from traditional pharma collaborations

Pharma companies have been working with artificial intelligence (AI) for a decade or more. As the cost and time of bringing a new drug to market continues to rise, pharma companies are increasingly turning to AI to streamline aspects of the drug discovery process.

AI’s ability to analyse vast volumes of data and identify correlations is increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost of drug development. As a result, pharma companies are entering into partnerships with AI companies, as well as seeking to acquire AI businesses and building out their own data scientist teams. 

There are critical differences between these relationships and traditional pharma tie-ups, and structuring these collaborations with care helps to maximise opportunity and minimise risk.

Our Life Sciences experts have prepared a fascinating and informative article on the potential of such arrangements, and how their purposes and outcomes can be approached in contractual terms to ensure good commercial outcomes for both parties.

You can read the article in full here.