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Webinar - EU developments in pricing and reimbursement

Keeping up with current developments regarding pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals is crucial for planning efficient and successful market access strategies. The regulatory framework affecting pricing and determining reimbursement guidelines is in continuous flux, both at EU and member states level.

In this webinar, our Life Sciences Regulatory experts will take a closer look at the EU Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Regulation and update you on the most recent developments and legislative changes on pricing and reimbursement in Germany, Belgium and France.

Join the team on 30 November 2022 at 9am (EST) / 2pm (GMT) / 3pm (CET) where they will discuss the current status of the implemented / proposed reforms and the potential changes that might impact your business, including:

  1. The EU HTA Regulation and its approach of harmonising HTA;
  2. The German (draft) bill on the financial stabilisation of the statutory health insurance (Finanzstabilisierunsgesetz -GKV-FinStG), focussing on the proposed changes of the pricing and reimbursement system;
  3. Recent cases from the Beneluxa initiative and expected developments in (joint) pricing and reimbursement negotiations; and
  4. Developments in France regarding biosimilar / hybrid substitution and reimbursement

Please contact if you would like to attend the webinar.