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Podcast: Scaling up science - how to grow your life sciences venture

How and when do life sciences entrepreneurs decide whether to raise more funds, partner with big pharma, or exit their company? What strategies and tactics do they apply? And what are the key lessons and challenges along the way?

In our latest life sciences podcast, Tine Carmeliet and Juno Hautekiet interview two CEOs who have chosen very different routes for growing their biotech ventures.  

Tim Knotnerus of Agomab Therapeutics, one of the most promising therapeutics companies in Europe and one of 2022’s “Fierce 15” honorees, shares how to create optionality and how he recently secured a USD 114 million Series B financing. Claudine van der Sande, former founder and CEO of Xinvento, a biotech aiming to improve the lives of those with Congenital Hyperinsulinism, reveals why she instead decided to sell her company and how she managed to do this with the company still in its preclinical development phase.

Join us on this podcast as we explore their motives, priorities and advice for future biotechs.

Scaling up science: how to grow your life sciences venture

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