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China: technology export control and beyond

Emma Keeling - Senior PSL
Emma Keeling

Senior PSL


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18 September 2020

As technology and IP have increasingly become the focal point of tensions between the US and China, the Chinese Government announced its amendments to the Catalogue of Technologies Prohibited or Restricted from Export (the Catalogue) on 28 August 2020.

It is worth noting that China has long had a technology export control regime in place. The most recent update has been put into specific focus as it is widely speculated that it is a reaction to the recent sanctions the US Government has imposed on Chinese companies as well as the potential forced sale of TikTok’s US operations. Overall, the amendments to the Catalogue may be a signal of a wider protectionist approach beyond the export control regime.

Our colleagues in China together with the PRC law experts from Allen & Overy Lang Yue (our China joint operation office) have written further on this topic in their article here.

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