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Employability for the over-50s

Launched in 2017 ReStart targets over-50s who have been unemployed for between six months and a year.

Through a mix of online and face to face workshops in our London office, mentoring by A&O volunteers and one to one coaching by accredited coaches from the Executive Coaching Consultancy, participants are supported to rediscover strengths and to build the knowledge, skills and confidence to help them get back into work.

ReStart supports people from any background or profession, particularly those who have a fresh outlook on their future employment and would consider changing roles or industries.

‘The Missing Million’ – why focus on older generations?

 According to the Centre for Ageing Better, one in three workers in the UK are now aged 50 or over. It is also estimated that half of all UK adults will be 50 years old or older by 2035.

With an aging population, long-term unemployment in the over-50s age group is an issue of growing concern in the UK for the impact it will have on individuals and their families. This barrier to employment is most difficult for those individuals aged over-50 who are from lower-socioeconomic backgrounds.

According to the Department for Work and Pensions in 2021 “over 790,000 people aged between 50-64 years are either actively seeking work or are inactive but are willing or would like to work”.

Workplace diversity

The difficulty for those over the age of 50 to get back into work after a period of long-term unemployment is a significant barrier to social mobility.  Being in good quality work is essential an individual’s financial security, well-being and health.  It is important to have a productive and engaged workforce for the economy – this has a positive impact on GDP and the state in increased tax revenues and a reduced or delayed demand for public services link.

ReStart is a skills development and mentoring programme which helps minimise the impact long-term unemployment has on individuals and their families.*

ReStart extends A&O's long-running social mobility work with Smart Start and PRIME and complements our wider workplace diversity programmes.

ReStart is an annual programme and the application window to participate in ReStart 2022 is open until 11 February 2022.

Please take a moment to read our privacy policy.

*Please note that ReStart is not an apprenticeship nor a guarantee of employment.

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