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Women’s History Month 2023 – Women in Funds

For decades, Women’s History Month has been a time to reflect on women’s contribution to contemporary society. It celebrates what women can achieve, both individually and by supporting each other. 

To celebrate Women’s History Month this year, our funds & asset management lawyers from around the globe have produced the new Women in Funds series.

Women in Funds is a series of video and audio interviews where our funds and asset management lawyers speak with senior female professionals in the asset management industry.

The series will focus on topical diversity, equity & inclusion issues and the challenges our interviewees have overcome as they have built their successful careers.

As a female partner with two children under the age of three, I strongly believe in the importance of advocating women’s achievements and giving a platform to our female clients to share their successes and challenges with a wider community of female professionals.

It’s the voice of the role models of today that builds confidence in the new generation of diverse female talents.

Emma Danforth, Partner, Funds & Asset Management

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