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The terms relating to use of this website have been divided into a number of sections. Together these sections form the Legal Notices.

The Legal Notices, as amended by us from time to time, set out the basis on which you may use this website and provide important information about the way we provide our services.

Allen & Overy is an international legal practice comprising Allen & Overy LLP and its affiliated undertakings.

References in the Legal Notices and elsewhere on this website to Allen & Overy mean Allen & Overy LLP its subsidiaries and affiliates, and the other partnerships, corporations and undertakings which are authorised to practise using the name "Allen & Overy" as the context may require.  "We" or "us" or "our" mean Allen & Overy.

The term "partner" is used to refer to a member of Allen & Overy LLP or an employee or consultant with equivalent standing and qualifications or an individual with equivalent status in one of Allen & Overy LLP's affiliated undertakings.  A list of the members of Allen & Overy LLP and of the non-members who are designated as partners and their professional qualifications is open to inspection at its registered office, One Bishops Square, London E1 6AD, United Kingdom.

"Allen & Overy" and "A&O" are registered trademarks.