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Man with glasses smiling on green chair
Man with glasses smiling on green chair

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Compliance issues affect every aspect of a company

Both the company as a legal person and its acting corporate bodies are obliged to ensure compliant behaviour. The appropriate measures and their scope, depend on the company’s size, the industry and its regional business activities. Demand for compliance structures, organisation and tasks is increasingly determined by law. The objective is to ensure comprehensive and efficient compliant behaviour while managing risk sustainably.
Our expertise

Our interdisciplinary team benefits from an extensive international network. We co-operate with colleagues in the UK and US on issues such as the UK Bribery Act, SEC procedures or requirements and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

The team has designed and implemented national and cross-border compliance programmes for multinational companies, including documentation. In risk prevention we have experience establishing compliance departments and structures, developing a code of conduct, compliance training, internal audits, implementing whistle blowing systems and supporting audits of established compliance functions. In risk management we provide support for dawn raids, defend preliminary investigations and internal audits. We examine and enforce claims for damages and enforce employment law sanctions. The team focuses on compliance issues under antitrust, capital markets, criminal, employment and data protection law and advises companies and their corporate bodies on compliance under corporate and company law.

Corporate Governance

The team advises groups of companies, including DAX30 and other listed companies, in particular on corporate bodies’ liability in connection with company management and the increasing requirements of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This advice covers the remuneration of management board members and managing directors. The team has many years experience advising on risk management within groups of companies, on organisation and reporting duties and arrangements for general meetings.

News & insights

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Beyond Covid-19: Conduct risk and the regulatory reckoning awaiting the UK’s financial institutions

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Publications: 17 JUNE 2020

Billy Jacobson hosts anti-corruption podcast series

Billy Jacobson, partner in the Washington, D.C. office, hosts a podcast series that focuses on anti-corruption with leading figures in the industry.

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Publications: 31 OCTOBER 2018

European Commission proposes directive to protect whistleblowers – scandals necessitate reform

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