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Corruption, fraud and breach of trust offences committed within or by a company are clear legal violations.

At every stage of the fight against corruption, companies and responsible corporate bodies need structured and tailor-made legal advice.  Advice has to take account of specific company structures, the industry concerned and the economic context, both in technical and strategic terms.

Allen & Overy's interdisciplinary Compliance group offers the legal expertise national and international companies need for structured risk management. This includes all measures aimed at preventing corruption, investigation and assessment of the facts as well as repressive measures.

Our focus

When violations of law are suspected, the team supports internal investigations, advises on how to deal with antitrust and prosecution authorities, assesses the risks and gives recommendations for action. The team offers a portfolio of interdisciplinary advice covering employment law sanctions, enforcement of or defence against claims for damages and reorganisation of processes and structures in company areas affected by corruption.




News and insights

Aerial view of tides on beach

Publications: 08 February 2024

Podcast: 2024 Outlook on global ESG and sustainability regulatory developments

In this podcast, members from our global ESG and sustainability team discuss what lies ahead on the sustainability agenda and the key regulatory developments to watch in 2024.  

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Stone pillars of a government building

Publications: 05 February 2024

U.S. Government announces new West Bank-related sanctions and designations

On February 1, 2024, President Biden issued an Executive Order imposing certain sanctions on persons determined to be undermining peace, security, and stability in the West Bank.

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View of European city

Publications: 10 January 2024

White collar crime enforcement in Germany: trends and developments

German authorities have intensified and accelerated their enforcement activities in 2023, following a slowdown of both investigations and court proceedings during the pandemic.

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male and female colleagues sitting at a conference table

Publications: 21 December 2022

Gender diversity on corporate boards

What to expect from the new EU Women on Boards Directive, including the practical changes for your management structure and the impact on the national legislation of each Member State.

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