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A&O Consulting embeds better business behaviour. We’re trusted advisors to business leaders on governance, corporate purpose and culture, conduct, compliance and operational risk, regulatory advisory and business transformation.

Our insight builds strength and integrity into culture, and our solutions are innovative, practical and sustainable. In a world where the rules of business are changing, turn change into competitive advantage.

How we make a difference

We are a team of former regulators and industry leaders, lawyers and senior consultants, meaning we bring both valuable insights and practical experience when providing solutions for our clients.


Increasing the effectiveness of governance and driving sustainable business outcomes

Corporate purpose and culture

Unlocking people's full potential by embedding the right values and driving cultural change. 

Conduct, compliance and operational risk

Developing innovative approaches to managing the evolving risk landscape, designing and optimising risk management frameworks. 

Regulatory strategy and implementation

Helping clients keep pace with regulatory expectations - wherever in the world they operate.

Business transformation

Seasoned consultants, technologists, lawyers and project managers making legal functions future fit.


I thought that the presentation was excellent. The issues are so complex and numerous that it’s hard to get our arms around them. I really did appreciate the team’s insights. Thank you.

Multinational financial institution

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Covid–19 coronavirus: prompts for board members

Boards of financial services firms are fully aware of their responsibility to oversee the safety and soundness of the firm. At all times, but certainly in times of stress like we are currently experiencing, there are many aspects of this oversight responsibility.

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Whistleblowing – a litmus test of a firm’s culture

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Tackling culture in different sectors

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Case study

Executive level governance review

We were asked by the newly appointed CEO of an EMEA business to look at the effectiveness of its executive governance framework, including the executive and risk committees. We reviewed how well the committees were operating in practice, including decision-making, the quality of discussion and supporting MI, and provided a series of recommendations on how to improve operating effectiveness and efficiency.