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Brexit Law - the way ahead

Leading businesses through Brexit and beyond, our Brexit Law pages provide key resources to help identify Brexit-related issues.

Our expert, multi-disciplinary teams are available to advise you on what the end of the transition period means for your business, whether in the UK, another EU country or outside the EU. A list of key contacts can be found here


What Brexit means for your business

After many months of protracted negotiations, a Brexit trade deal was agreed.  At the time of the UK’s Brexit referendum in 2016, we described Brexit as “the biggest demerger in history”. While the switch to the new free trade agreement has led to some disruption for businesses and individuals, our lawyers understand the legal and regulatory frameworks that clients will be required to operate in as that demerger becomes effective. We have the expertise, breadth of experience, advanced delivery solutions and geographic footprint to assist clients in understanding the risks and challenges and to make the most of the opportunities that the new relationship between the EU and the UK will offer. Our latest thinking will be updated and posted to this site.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your usual Allen & Overy contact.

Latest thinking

Publications: 07 JUNE 2021

The Financial Conduct Authority’s new “Consumer Duty”

On 14 May 2021 the FCA published its first Consultation Paper on “A new Consumer Duty” (CP21/13).

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Publications: 10 MAY 2021

A lesson on English law post-Brexit from the Court of Appeal

English lawyers and law students should be getting to grips with a whole new area of English law: Retained EU law.  In this decision, the Court of Appeal explains all about Retained EU law and…

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Publications: 29 APRIL 2021

Cross-border law enforcement after Brexit: partnering in crime

The approach of the UK and the EU to cross-border law enforcement and co-operation in criminal judicial matters after Brexit is set out in the EU-UK trade and co-operation agreement (TCA) and is…

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Publications: 16 APRIL 2021

Cross-border recognition of insolvency and restructuring proceedings post-Brexit

In this article, Lucy Aconley and Philip Wells consider the post-Brexit position regarding inbound and outbound recognition of insolvency and restructuring proceedings between the UK and the EU and…

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Financial services sector

Summarised here is the key EU and UK legislation impacting the financial services sector, now that the UK has left the European Union.

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Business lines

Here we have analysed the impact of Brexit on business operations in different areas of the law.

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