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Transition to a sustainable economy

Sustainability and ESG (environment, social and governance) issues are rising to the top of the agenda. The transition of the economy to align with the Paris Agreement aims and the UN Sustainable Development Goals is set to dominate the next decade.

Policy programmes are increasingly focusing on sustainability, such as the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan, Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy (RSFS), the UK Green Finance Strategy and UK Green Industrial Revolution. Coupled with increased ESG litigation and shareholder activism, and market-led developments in green, blue and sustainable finance, businesses across the investment chain are facing a plethora of new developments.

Allen & Overy can help you navigate the rising tide, with our cross-border, cross-functional and cross-sector insights. See below to explore our insights on developments in the key themes in the sustainability transition.


Disclosure and data

ESG risk management and prudential regulation

Corporate governance, supply chain and shareholder engagement

Investment strategies and investor preferences

Financing the transition

Our sustainability and ESG services

Environmental, social and governance

Today’s investors are looking for ways to put their capital to work in a sustainable way, one focused on avoiding harm to people and the planet and creating long-term value through socially desirable activities. Allen & Overy has the subject matter expertise to guide you safely through the increasingly legal ESG landscape.