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Allen & Overy supports LGBTQ+ employees through landmark Supreme Court ruling

19 июня 2020

Allen & Overy’s litigation practice supported the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) by filing  an amicus brief in support of LGBTQ+ employees in the U.S. and asking the Court to make clear that U.S. law prohibits discrimination against workers based on their sexual orientation or transgender status. 

This week, the Supreme Court made a historic ruling, holding that discrimination against workers based on their sexual orientation or transgender status violates federal law.

It is now illegal to fire or discriminate against any employee solely based on their LGBTQ+ status, a breakthrough in the defense and protection of equal rights for this community. The decision resolved three cases in which LGBTQ+ individuals faced discrimination in the workplace. Learn more about the brave individuals who came forward in these cases, here.

Partner Andrew Rhys Davies, based in NYC and contributor to the briefing noted: “Upholding the rights of the LGBTQ+ community is not only a critical human rights issue, it’s the right interpretation of the law. We’re honored to have been asked to support this important cause in front of the Supreme Court, underscoring the fact that it is illegal to discriminate against this community under federal law. Inclusion is engrained in our culture at A&O, and we’re proud to argue for the protection of LGBTQ+ employees throughout the country so the same principles will be applicable in all workplaces.” recognized big law firms for being on the right side of history for their concerted efforts that led to this momentous decision, including A&O’s briefing. Read the full piece, here.

The A&O team who crafted the briefing included Andrew Rhys Davies, Justin Ormand, Rebecca Delfiner, Gideon Duke-Cohan, and Changhee Han from the New York office and Melinda Bothe and Danna Seligman from the Washington, DC office.

A&O is committed to diversity and inclusion and supports workers of all backgrounds and sexual orientations. A&Out, the firm’s organization dedicated to LGBTQ+ employees, fosters open dialogue, networking and community to raise awareness and education for individuals in the legal industry.

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