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Public Law Litigation

Given the importance of the financial and political stakes in play when the public sector interacts with the private sector, it is inevitable that such interaction will result in disputes and potentially litigation.

This is all the more probable in the current environment of austerity and government cost-cutting, which has, in many situations, resulted in the removal of rights and the frustration of expectations. At such times it is essential that clients have the best advice from a team of lawyers well-versed in public law litigation.

Allen & Overy can provide that team. Our public law practitioners have a wealth of experience in public law litigation across a number of different jurisdictions. We act both for public sector bodies seeking to defend their decisions and for private sector parties bringing public law challenges, which giving us a unique perspective and enabling us to bring a different approach to representing a client, whether in the public sector or commercial. 

We understand the different procedures, approaches and strategies required to deal with public law issues. We handle many large-scale disputes and have considerable experience with proceedings in the administrative and civil courts, as well as in the European Court of Justice. Our lawyers often represent foreign companies in proceedings related to the decisions of national bodies. Our global reach and the fact that so many of our cases have an international element means that we are experienced working with lawyers and witnesses from different jurisdictions.