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Project Management Office

Project management is a vital skill in today’s legal world. As projects become more global and complex, we need to find ways seamlessly to integrate a growing number of teams and work streams. 

Our Project Management Office mobilises and co-ordinates A&O and client teams, external counsel and global advisors to deliver our most complex projects on time, and on budget.

The PMO also trains all our lawyers on the fundamentals of good project management, so they have the tools they need to consistently deliver every client project in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

The A&O difference

No surprises
We carefully scope our projects and regularly monitor delivery to ensure we run to time and budget.

Clear communication
We provide regular updates on progress and fees, and proactively highlight risks, so our clients can keep their teams and stakeholders informed.

Proportionate approach 
We never let bureaucracy get in the way. We flex our approach to fit our clients’ needs, reporting lines and preferences.

Team effort 
We work seamlessly with A&O lawyers across our international network, so our clients secure the best results.


The PMO in numbers