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Markets Innovation Group

Our clients are experiencing large-scale legal and regulatory challenges at an unprecedented level. We are determined to lead from the front.

MIG is a dedicated team of A&O partners which develops solutions for our clients’ large-scale legal and regulatory challenges.

To date, MIG has brought six leading tech-based solutions to market. Each of these was accompanied by an A&O-led industry working group operating out of Europe, the U.S. and/or APAC.

How MIG makes a difference

Deep product knowledge

Calling on A&O’s 550 partners across 44 offices for legal insight in all disciplines

Tech-enabled delivery

Tech-based solutions bring order and discipline to the most complex and large-scale problems

Operational effectiveness

Leveraging our in-house tech, consulting, project management and alternative resource capabilities

Client-centric approach

Solutions designed to work collaboratively with client systems and personnel, third party management consultants and other service providers