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Global M&A Insights: So far, so good

Q1 report takes an in-depth look at record M&A activity levels, how Covid-19 has affected private M&A deal tactics, antitrust regulators’ evolving approach to merger control enforcement, and issues to consider in distressed or insolvent M&A transactions.

Report highlights

  • Q1 data show a remarkable recovery in M&A transaction activity – is it sustainable? 
  • Buyer and seller tactics in the private M&A market have shifted significantly.
  • Antitrust authorities continued to frustrate deals last year; expect more of the same in 2021.
  • What should buyers of distressed or insolvent businesses be thinking about?

Compelling signals from a recovering M&A market

Q1 data show a remarkable recovery in M&A transaction activity - global deal value and volume have soared, together with an increase in mega deals, domestic and cross-border transactions, in almost all sectors and regions. But is it sustainable?

Antitrust authorities stay tough in a difficult market

Antitrust authorities remained highly active in 2020 despite the pandemic reducing overall global M&A. While there was a decline in overall prohibitions and abandoned deals, there is no reason to believe that regulators are relaxing their approach.

Distressed or insolvent M&A: navigating the pitfalls and opportunities

Opportunities to acquire distressed or insolvent businesses look set to accelerate later this year, particularly as government support schemes for companies in vulnerable sectors end. What challenges and potential dangers should buyers be thinking about?

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Global M&A Insights: So far, so good

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