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Managed services

We offer a fresh approach to managed services, helping you control costs, realise efficiencies and minimise risk. Working as an integrated part of A&O’s legal offering or on a stand-alone basis alongside in-house legal, compliance or business teams, we can help you manage everything from large-scale document reviews to complex repapering exercises.

Our teams utilise the most advanced technology solutions available, our goal is always the same: to assemble A&O’s brightest minds and including AI documentation review technology. Whatever the project, deliver thoughtful solutions that deliver lasting business value.

Examples of how A&O's managed services help your business

IBOR transition projects

Understand how to move towards new risk-free interest rates, at scale.

Litigation discovery and investigations

Reach better insights, faster, with our eDiscovery solution.

Corporate restructuring

Manage large, complex deals with greater control.

OTC margin requirements

Repaper large-scale derivatives portfolios efficiently and effectively.

Brexit-related re-documentation

Complete large-scale customer repapering projects to keep pace with Brexit.

The A&O difference