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Data monetisation

With exponential volumes of data being created in our digital world, data is an increasingly valuable asset.

Businesses can use data to:

  • find business process efficiencies;
  • understand customers better and improve marketing/sales; and
  • create new commercial products based purely on the data they have.

Our integrated, multidisciplinary teams are available to help clients navigate the complexities of data management and maximise data potential while minimising the risk and liabilities from misuse.


Data as a critical asset

Digitalisation has brought board-level focus to the potential of data found in the business to be “monetised” – ie used to generate efficiencies or economies in the organisation or developed into new revenue-attracting opportunities in its own right.

Podcast: Maximising value from data – data governance and data monetisation

Data governance – distinct from the GDPR and other comparable frameworks for personal data – is how to manage data to best effect in commercial and corporate transactions. 

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Data monetisation: internal audits and other considerations

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Data monetisation: checklist of the key contractual considerations

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Data ethics

Data ethics is the study and evaluation of moral problems relating to data, algorithms and corresponding practices. It represents the spirit, as opposed to the letter of the law.

Podcast: Data ethics – navigating the spirit of the law

With rapid increases in data-generating and data-driven technologies, data ethics is a topic that is gaining prominence among consumers, companies, regulators and investors.

Data protection senior associate Karishma Brahmbhatt discusses how to create the right data culture and why it is important for companies to do so.

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Data ethics – why should you care?

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Operationalising data ethics in the financial services sector

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