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G&R Airtime: our fintech podcast

The number of Fintech and tech based start-ups coming out of Indonesia in recent times has been significant. Global investors seeking the next big thing have taken notice of the Indonesia macro-economic story, which sees a young, growing, tech-savvy, middle-class consumer looking to achieve their dreams and, in the process, leapfrog old technologies. Investors are fighting over which start-ups to invest in. 

In this podcast series, lawyers from Ginting & Reksodiputro, in association with Allen & Overy, together with guest speakers, will uncover the current commercial and legal fintech or tech development trends in Indonesia as well as the fintech regulatory landscape in order to highlight potential opportunities and challenges for both investors and start-ups.


Episode 5: Understanding cryptocurrencies and their future in Indonesia

The world of cryptocurrencies can sometimes seem daunting and complex to the uninitiated. In this episode of G&R Airtime, our hosts go back to basics on cryptocurrency and discuss:

  • Characteristics of cryptocurrency, its risks and how this has impacted various regulations in Indonesia;
  • How a typical cryptocurrency transaction plays out in practice;
  • What is blockchain and how does it work in reality?
  • Stable coins and whether they are a form of e-money or a cryptoasset in Indonesia; and
  • How the regulators in Indonesia view cryptocurrency.
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Episode 4: #LocalHero – Akseleran: peer-to-peer lending in Indonesia

Hear from Ivan Tambunan, CEO and co-founder of one of Indonesia’s leading peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms, Akseleran, about the P2P market and what is important for borrowers and lenders when venturing into this space.  In this episode, you will hear about:

  • Why Akseleran evolved from an equity crowd funding platform into a purely P2P lending platform
  • Ivan’s thoughts on ‘financial inclusion’ and his plans to fill Indonesia’s SME funding gap
  • The challenges P2P lenders face when seeking investors, but also how the company is looking to protect its investors from non-performing loans
  • The regulatory landscape for P2P platforms and OJK’s desire to curb illegal P2P players
  • Advice for future P2P startups, including what to look for in a VC investor
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Episode 3: The rise and future of e-Money, e-Payments and e-Wallets in Indonesia

G&R Airtime unpacks the jargon behind e-Money, e-Payments and e-Wallets, and discusses their related developments and regulatory requirements in the face of Indonesia’s desire to move to a cashless society.

Listen to find out more about:

  • The difference between e-Money, e-Wallets and e-Payments
  • The regulatory bodies that govern fintech in Indonesia and their compliance requirements
  • How relevant regulations have evolved over the last three years in Indonesia and expectations for the future
  • A deeper look into e-Money including the restrictions you need to be mindful of when entering the e-Money business and
  • What happens to e-Money when it is stored by an issuer. 
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Episode 2: #LocalHero – Kopi Kenangan: the rising star

In this episode of G&R Airtime’s Fintech Series, we speak to James Prananto, COO and co-founder of Kopi Kenangan, one of Indonesia’s homegrown coffee chains, about the company’s journey and impressive growth including: 

  • How they started out and lessons learned along the way; 
  • The company’s ambitions for growth; 
  • How they approached the issue of funding;
  • What they look for in investors;
  • The role of e-money and e-payments in their business; and 
  • Advice for young entrepreneurs when starting their own business. 

This episode highlights things to consider when starting a business from a commercial perspective, and provides useful insight into the increasingly important role of fintech in modern business. 

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Episode 1: Fintech series - welcome

In this episode, G&R Airtime shares a sneak peek into what to expect from the podcast series. 

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