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The banking industry is adept at navigating change and driving innovation, something we have been supporting our clients in this sector with for over 90 years.

Whether it’s helping banks achieve ground-breaking, market first transactions such as advising Santander on the first ever end-to-end blockchain bond issuance to helping banks navigate the regulatory change landscape by transitioning away from IBOR, Allen & Overy has built up a considerable track record of advising banks on a broad spectrum of complex, cross-border transactions and strategic mandates.  By applying a sector lens to our fully integrated, multi-disciplinary team of lawyers and consultants, we can provide our clients with in-depth knowledge of their industry, the local regulatory frameworks under which they operate and the impact that market developments have on their businesses, anywhere in the world.

The team comprises of experts across the full spectrum of banking, finance and capital markets work as well as specialists in regulatory, dispute resolution, antitrust, employment, IP, data privacy, cybersecurity, M&A and tax. We are also the only law firm with an integrated team of former regulators and consultants from the ‘Big 4’ who can advise the senior management teams at the banks on governance, corporate purpose and culture, conduct, compliance and operational risk, regulatory advisory and business transformation.

Our integrated capability, coupled with our ability to deliver legal services efficiently via the suite of technology and alternative resourcing models available on our Advanced Delivery & Solutions platform, means we are well placed to offer our banking clients cutting edge, end-to-end solutions which enable them to respond to complex issues.

News & insights

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News: 29 JULY 2021

Allen & Overy nella cartolarizzazione STS pubblica di Creditis

Milano – Allen & Overy ha prestato assistenza legale in relazione ad un’operazione di cartolarizzazione di crediti al consumo originati da Creditis Servizi Finanziari S.p.A., intermediario finanziario…

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Publications: 26 JULY 2021

Fintech: al via il sandbox regolamentare italiano

Con l’entrata in vigore del Decreto 30 aprile 2021, n. 100 sono state specificate le attribuzioni del Comitato FinTech istituito dal Decreto Crescita, inoltre l'Italia si dota di una sandbox…

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News: 20 JULY 2021

Allen & Overy nella prima cartolarizzazione immobiliare con finanziamento bancario

Allen & Overy ha assistito Algebris nella prima operazione di cartolarizzazione con finanziamento bancario strutturata in Italia ai sensi degli articoli 7, comma 1, lettera (b-bis) e 7.2 della legge…

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News: 15 JULY 2021

Allen & Overy nel covered bond da 750 milioni di euro di Credem

Allen & Overy ha assistito Credem nel perfezionamento dell’emissione e nel collocamento di covered bond per un importo di 750 milioni di euro nell’ambito del programma di Obbligazioni Bancarie…

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