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Employment and Benefits

With over 200 lawyers across 26 countries, Allen & Overy's global Employment and Benefits team has international reach alongside deep knowledge of local markets and regulations. Our experts work together regularly on litigation, advisory matters, cross-border restructures and strategic project-based work.

Our experienced and highly regarded employment, incentives and pensions specialists take an 'Employment and Benefits-plus' approach. We work and train with other teams – including Regulatory, Corporate, IP and Data protection – and we layer this additional knowledge onto our own so that the advice we give is always holistic.

Employment and benefits law is fast-paced but we do not wait for a market viewwe lead the way. We produce market surveys and share insights on topical issues that are impacting global businesses to keep our clients abreast of the very latest legal developments and market practice.

News & insights

Publications: 06 MAY 2021

Employee reorganisations – what do you need to know?

With local job saving schemes drawing to a close and a record recovery in M&A activity, we can expect a renewed focus on corporate reorganisations that will have an impact for the workforce.

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Publications: 14 JULY 2021

Il d.l. 30 giugno 2021, n. 99 e il blocco dei licenziamenti

Stop al divieto generalizzato e via alla “proroga” fino al 31 dicembre 2021 per chi usa ammortizzatori gratuiti.

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Publications: 01 JUNE 2021

Covid-19 coronavirus: Decreto Sostegni-bis: le nuove misure in materia di lavoro

Il D.L. 25 maggio 2021, n. 73 (c.d. “Decreto Sostegni-bis” o il “Decreto”), avente ad oggetto una serie di misure connesse alla situazione d’emergenza legata al Covid-19 e finalizzate a supportare le…

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Publications: 12 JULY 2021

Pensions: What’s new this week 12 July 2021

Welcome to your weekly update from the Allen & Overy Pensions team, covering all the latest legal and regulatory developments in the world of occupational pensions. This week we cover: a consultation…

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Navigating Workplace Culture in a New Era

Few issues have risen to prominence as rapidly as workplace culture.  While a healthy corporate culture may always have been aspirational, we are now in a new era. Priorities have shifted.

Pensions in Dispute

Welcome to our quarterly pensions litigation briefing, designed to help pensions managers identify key risks in scheme administration, and trustees update their knowledge and understanding.

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