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Commercial and Contract Disputes

As one of the world's leading litigation practices, Allen & Overy has enormous experience litigating, arbitrating and resolving corporate and commercial disputes.

Whether it is a dispute involving a merger and acquisition/sale, commercial contract or business competition, our litigators take a practical, commercial approach.

After a thorough analysis of the law and facts, we work with our clients to fashion the right approach: is the dispute appropriate for aggressive litigation, in which case we fight to win, or is a more nuanced approach to resolving the dispute called for?

In each situation, our global network means we can deliver accurate, commercial advice quickly, wherever the dispute takes place. If the dispute covers multiple jurisdictions, our local experts on the ground can quickly form an international team. Our lengthy experience means we know what to expect and how to achieve results. We never lose sight of the need to tailor our approach to the needs of the client we are representing, whether they are a large corporate undertaking or a smaller enterprise.

Compact contract

A brief look at topical issues in contract law

A blog where experts from Allen & Overy analyse the latest contract law themes and developments, and what they mean for your business.