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A&O Consulting

The rules of business are changing. Organisations face ever-closer scrutiny. Whether your sector is heavily regulated or not, being accountable for what you say and do is the new baseline. Falling behind puts reputations at risk.

At A&O Consulting we help embed better business behaviour for all kinds of organisations. Mirroring the high standards of our legal services, we are a trusted advisor to CEOs and leadership teams in governance; corporate purpose and culture; conduct, compliance and operational risk; regulatory advice; and business transformation. Our insight helps build strength and integrity into your culture, and our aim is to turn change into a competitive advantage.

We have a different outlook. As former regulators and industry leaders, we are true specialists who bring deep expertise and diverse experience. Our solution to your challenge will be innovative, practical and sustainable – helping your business be resilient today and ready for tomorrow.


How A&O Consulting helps your business


Increase the effectiveness of clients' governance and drive sustainable business outcomes.

Corporate purpose and culture

Unlocking people’s full potential by embedding the right values.

Conduct, compliance and operational risk

Developing innovative approaches to managing the evolving risk landscape, including legal and corporate function transformation.

Regulatory strategy and implementation

Helping clients keep pace with regulators – wherever in the world they operate.

Business transformation

Seasoned consultants, technologists, lawyers and project managers making legal functions future fit.

Clients tell us that they see a need for an extension of the high-quality legal advice they already receive. We work closely with management teams to design solutions that help a business meet regulatory expectations whilst achieving their strategic objectives.

Sally Dewar, CEO, A&O Consulting

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